Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Things you can do, some can't be done.

I'm finally getting over a 2 day flu. No runny nose or sniffles. My throat is scratchy and I did have a slight headache. The chills at night is when you know you're genuinely sick. So it's been what... a year since my last post, but that's what happens when you have all these social media tools at your disposal: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, ad nauseum.

As you grow older, your priorities change. I've been cooking a lot lately and have been absolutely fascinated with the science behind cooking. So far I've cooked something each night for the last 3 months. I refuse to go out to eat because I swear I can make something tasty. Have I had any dismal failures... not yet. I've had close calls but not anything worthy of being called a failure. I guess I've been lucky... There's this saying in cooking that if you can cook something right the first time you're probably lucky. Some worthy mistakes:

-Puff pastry must be cold, if the butter melts, it's over.
-Dock your pie crust if you blind bake and use pie weights. (I use beans since I'm ghetto like that)
-Temper your food so it cooks evenly
-Cold butter is a must when you make pastry dough. When that butter melts you create those flaky layers.

Ok enough blabbing ... i'm Audi 5000 G.

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